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How to Order

Step 01 :

For any online purchase on CaryaZara website, all customers must be registered with our system first. Do register here or login here.

Step 02 :

You will be notified (email) automatically by our system once the registration is successful.

Step 03 :

Browse our collections by clicking any category choosen.

Step 04 :

Select your size option, quantity needed and click Add to Cart button.

Step 05 :

You will be redirecting to cart page, displaying all your current orders on our website. If you have any coupon code, please enter is here to redeem. Else, click Continue Shopping or Checkout to complete the payment & shipping.

Step 06 :

Complete all the form on the checkout page. Click Confirm Order once the proof of payment forms are filled.

Step 07 :

Once everything is completed, you will be redirected to below page. An email containing an invoice will be sent to you. Your order has now received and will be processed by our admin.

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